God of the Joy

I found myself looking for answers recently…honestly, looking for more of an end to a situation. The moment the situation arose I didn’t…and still don’t…know what to do or how to handle it. My prayers went something like “God, take care of this” and “God, I need you” and then “God, I’m begging you.” Have you ever been there? I quickly went from please to begging in a few short breaths.

The situation is still there and I’m still praying but a few days after my prayer of begging I was driving and I noticed how beautiful the sky was. It looked almost animated like something out of a cartoon. The clouds were so fluffy I felt like I could reach out and grab them. The sky was a blue that cannot be replicated because it was a blue that was created by The Creator. I found myself chuckling…almost joyous over the view that I had. And then it hit me…he’s the God of the joy too!

So many times I am searching for God and begging for him in the heartache…in the loneliness…in the unknown. But, rarely, if ever, do I search for him in the joy. The laughter of my grandchild, the excitement of a new possibility, the provision of the day to day. I seem to lose that he is everywhere and in everything!

So, today, as I’m doing the mundane tasks of my job, as I’m driving to and from this place and that, as I’m looking at nature and soaking it all in, I choose to find God in the joy of it all. He’s the God of the brokenhearted, but he’s also the God of the joyful! He’s the God of the lost and he’s the God of the found! He’s the God in the valley and he’s the God on the mountain! He’s the I AM! 💛

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