The Thirsty Pup

There’s been a drought in the land.

Not literally obviously it has rained record amounts in the last few months. 

And it was raining again. 

The drought had been of a different type and as it happens with droughts the metaphorical land has been dry and left wanting. There is weariness and there are times that my parched soul feels like more than a drop of water at a time may threaten to drown me. 

In the days of late I have done what it is praying people do in times of drought, I have prayed for rain.

That morning as I sat, head in hands praying and asking God to end the drought. I told Him what He already knew, that I was indeed at risk to drown if He didn’t give me more than just a drop to drink at a time, but I knew any thirstier and I would most assuredly die of dehydration. 

Tears threatened to shove their way through my shut eyes and I recalled the droughts of before, ones that have sealed their place in my memory. One in 2016 and one in 2000. They were literal droughts and the two different occurrences have been embedded into my long term memory. I was forcing myself to remember droughts do not last forever, I was straining to hear the voice of the King. 

 I squeezed my eyes tighter, I would not cry, I halfway joked with the Creator of the universe, not that kind of water, I need, I want a pouring out of sorts. 

“Will you help me?” may have been my next thought-slash-prayer, but a sound to my left, an all too familiar sound, a bonafide racket jolted my eyes open. 

I knew the noise before I saw the source of it.

An empty water bowl lying on its side, next to it a double dapple doxie dog barked at me. Her name is Macy, we call her May for short. 

She looked at her bowl and looked at me. Her actions spoke to me the words she could not. 

“I am thirsty. My water bowl is empty. You alone can help me.”

My prayer, the one I had just been praying silently, was expressed by my innocent pup.

“Lord, I am thirsty, my bowl is empty, you alone can help me.”  As I stood to set the bowl upright and refill it, she immediately was at my heels, wagging her tail and jumping up. She was grateful I had heard her plea and had not delayed in responding. And in that very moment I heard the King say,

“The rain is on the way.” 

God “who does great things and unsearchable,
    marvelous things without number:
He gives rain on the earth
    and sends waters on the fields;
He sets on high those who are lowly,
    and those who mourn are lifted to safety.” Job 5:9-11

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