Welcome Home

Several years ago we took our children to Disney World. It was amazing. We made memories that we still hold dear and close, and we still proudly display family photos from that trip. We met some friends there in a once in a lifetime encounter and circumstance.

Even still as a family we play the “Disney” game I made up at the dinner table. It’s an imagination game. Each member is asked the same question, “If you were at Disney where would you be, what would you ride, and what would you eat?”

Some of our players’ answers change each game; some you can predict, as the answers are all always the same. 

I think of that trip often and apart from a few sour notes those days are full of good times and happy thoughts. 

One such thought comes to mind when I think of our return to our lodging after our long fun filled days. We would ride on a bumpy bus, rocking tired children to sleep on a nearby adult lap. Those rides back were always so much quieter than the excited chatter-filled bus rides in the early morning to the park. As we would pull into the drop off destination the bus driver would flip on the automatic voice which had spoken through speakers all day warning to keep loose extremities inside the vehicles until they came to a complete stop or to stand clear of the closing doors. Throughout the day the voice reminded us to pick up packages or fasten safety devices.

At the end of those fun-filled, memory-making days, the voice would say something about I don’t remember what, and then it would say something about waiting until things came to a complete stop or letting certain individuals disembark, and then it would say, “Welcome home.” 

Some word phrases just resonate with me, “Welcome Home” is one of those.

I recently received a piece of mail inviting me to a church body and it grabbed my attention because on the front it said, “Welcome Home.” I used to think when I entered Heaven I would like to hear what most folks say they want to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.” But the older I get and the more I long for Heaven, the longer I feel like a stranger in this land, growing evermore and more cognizant that this world is not my home. 

I long to hear the King say to me, 

“Welcome Home.” 

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