Happy Thanksgiving from Your Priceless Friends!

Thanksgiving Day is not an easy day for everyone. As you wake up or sit down to eat or lay in bed seeking relief, our prayer here at Priceless is that you see how very much you have to be thankful for. When we are chronically ill, caught up in a difficult situation, at odds in a relationship, fearful over what-ifs, or lonely, we find ourselves struggling to be thankful and often, only able to see the darkness.

Things we can each be thankful for…

…another day of life

…warm sunshine and cool breezes

…Jesus dying on the cross for our sin and shame

…clothes to wear

…beautiful music or art

…medical care nearby

…food to eat – even if it’s not fancy or exactly what we want

…God’s precious unconditional love for us

As you collapse into a recliner after a busy day, find at least one thing in your day for which you are thankful, or choose something from the list above. Dwell on it for a few minutes and express your gratefulness to God. May you find joy in your grateful moment.

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