We had walked around for about an hour when my grandson, Xavier, started telling me his “feets were so tired.” We had taken him to a car show and had seen everything from green cars to purple cars to trucks to motorcycles to old cars to new cars and everything in between. He had a photo op with some Star Wars characters that made his day, and he was just rounding the corner of politely being done and an all out breakdown. Can’t lie…I’ve been there myself.

We stepped to the side and he climbed up on a stage and on to his Papa’s shoulders. As we made our way back through the arena heading towards the door he started perking up. “I see an orange car over there, Gigi,” he shouted and pointed that little finger to his right. “Wait, I can see waaaaaay over there now, Papa!” “Papa, go this way…no this way…wait, I see a truck over there…go that way!” With every step taken on his Papa’s shoulders a whole new world was visible to him.

I started walking a little slower to fall in behind them. I soaked in the conversation they were having. The excitement from Xavier was contagious, and the joy that poured out of Shane was almost more than I could take. My eyes filled with tears and my heart almost burst. The image will forever be imprinted in my mind because it was such a beautiful moment between a grandfather and his grandson, but I just couldn’t remove the imagine of what life looks like on Jesus’s shoulders!

Friend, we spend a lot of time going through the motions. We walk with our head hung low because we’re just trying to make it through the day or the week or the month or sometimes just through the hour, and everything around us is buzzing by. We see it, but we don’t SEE it. And, then, one day Jesus comes along and picks us up and tosses us on his shoulders and starts carrying us. We’re so high that we can see over that mountain that is in front of us, and we can see the blessings that are all around. We exclaim “Jesus, I see it over there!” “Wait, Jesus, this way, I see something!” “Jesus, I didn’t know it was this…(sigh) beautiful!” Everything changes…when our view changes!

A change in view is life changing. That shift in perspective is literally the difference in existing and living. So, if you find yourself simply existing today, can I just encourage you to climb on Jesus’s shoulders and rest. Allow him to carry you and show the goodness that you can only see from his shoulders.

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