A Simple Yes

Several years ago my kids and I were driving home from church down the interstate just at sunset. The colors in the sky that evening were absolutely breathtaking! The kids were commenting on their favorite colors and how pretty it was, and they started cheering as I drove. It looked like we were literally chasing the sun as it set! We had the windows down, sun roof open, and praise music playing pretty loud on our journey home!

I listened as the kids sang the words of the song! I looked in my rear view mirror and saw four little faces, the sun reflecting a bit in their eyes and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Greg and I and our girls said a simple “yes” to what God was calling us to do. We listened when He called us to just walk, just move when He needed us to. The part that hit me that day is that if we had said “no” or decided that we were too busy or scared that we would get “too attached,” we would have missed this. All of it. These faces that were singing praise, we would have missed it all.

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