Forgiveness is often a hard place to live. We spend our lives searching for peace and forgiveness and oftentimes when we “find” it we struggle to actually live in it. I can’t speak for you, but for me I find myself often living in the rabbit hole of shame, regret and guilt for past mistakes and poor choices. Personally, I can encourage you to grab hold of the forgiveness that is readily available, but yet here I stand struggling to grab hold of it myself.

The world is fully of bullies, but most days we are the biggest bullies we will ever face. It’s hard to fight the regret, the shame and the mistakes that replay in our minds over and over like a bad movie that just won’t end. Over the years those bad choices and mistakes sort of take a life of their own in our mind and before long that story, that lapse in judgment, is now larger than life. So we spend hours and days and weeks replaying it and dissecting every part of it.

Friend, can I just tell you that no matter what story is raging in your mind Jesus died on the cross for you…for me! We are…well, FORGIVEN. No matter what our story looked like back then, no matter what road we find ourselves on now and no matter what circus our future holds the one thing that remains is that Jesus’s blood is enough!

Regrettably sometimes I belittle what Jesus did on the cross as if it weren’t enough. I walk around with my head hung low as if Jesus’s blood wasn’t enough to cover the sins of someone like me. But, ya’ll, he was…and it is! Jesus IS enough and his blood IS enough! If I could go back and tell my younger self a thing or two it would be to let it all go and grab hold to the precious gift Jesus has offered to me. Since I can’t go back in time I stand here yelling at you that you, my friend, ARE enough and Jesus’s blood IS enough to cover your sin, your shame and your guilt. Hold your head high, girl, because you ARE forgiven!

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