Blurry Vision

My vision is pretty bad. My prescription is so high that even with thinned lenses and thick frames my lenses still stick out around the edges. I’m not considered legally blind but I’m pretty close. I wear contacts for the most part, and as I’ve been blessed with more years it is getting harder for me to read without reading glasses.

I was recently trying to read and take notes during a church service and I was getting frustrated with the on and off of the glasses. With my contacts I can see far off but up close is blurry, so the glasses go on to read and write and come off to see the preacher. On, off and then on, off. Completely frustrated I finally just snatched those suckers off my face and chunked them into my purse.

I find myself doing the same thing with my life. I do something that is helpful and allows me to focus and then I sabotage myself in one way or another and everything becomes blurry. I used to think there was something wrong with me, but recently I’m coming to a place of understanding.

Look, we all live our lives in the open for the world to see. But, as women, we tend to act like everyone has a microscope that they are viewing us through. We believe the lie that everyone sees everything so we might as well just give up because they know we’re gonna fail and they’re waiting on us to fail so we just quit. But, the thing that I’m coming to learn is that I am the one viewing myself through the microscope. I am the one dissecting every little flaw. I’m the one believing that I will fail. We’re so good at being someone else’s cheerleader that we forget to cheer for ourselves.

So, today, even if it’s hard, cheer for yourself. Put the microscope where it belongs…in the trash. Accept yourself for you! That flaw that you hate makes you relatable to someone else. You, my friend, are beautifully flawed and that makes you magnificent! 🌟

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