The Day After

This day after Christmas can be a challenge. For me it’s usually a huge clean-up day of all the random cups and plates left sitting around, Christmas wrapping debris, and dishes! For others it can be a busy day with more celebrating if your family is large, or it can be a day of goodbyes to those loved ones. It can be a shopping and returning gifts day. It may mean sleeping in and relaxing for you, or the opposite, heading right back to work. But for many, it can be an emotional let down.

People often live for the next big event. The vacation. The ballgame. The kids coming home. Christmas. When these events are over we feel let down. The dark days of winter add to the blues many deal with at Christmastime. Loneliness when groups of visitors leave heaps on more discouragement, and before we know what happens we may find ourselves depressed.

It is no wonder to me that Jesus said, “I AM The Light of the World.” We have darkness in and outside our hearts that needs to know His light. Our survival depends on having His light illumine our inner darkness.

He also stated, “I AM the Bread of Life.” Those who are starving for love and compassion can find their hunger satisfied in Jesus.

He proclaims, “I AM the Good Shepherd.” He is ever-present to tend to your needs, love you, provide for you, and cherish you.

He reminds us, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life.” He is the answer in the face of death and the hope for our future.

When we don’t know which way to turn in life’s trials, we can depend on His words, “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” We go to Him for direction, to fight the lies in our heads, and to seek life to be restored to our dead hearts.

If you are having a down day, go to God’s Word. Read the book of John and see Jesus for who He is. Listen to Him and share with Him your woes. The Light of the World shines just as brightly today as it did on Christmas Day! Be encouraged! Be blessed!

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