Scandalous Faith

I was recently reading the passage of scripture about the woman who touched the hem of Jesus garment while he was surrounded by a crowd of people.  I’ve read that passage many times but this time the commentary that was given talked about how scandalous that would have been at that time in history.  You see this woman had a bleeding problem that forbid her to participate in society like most women could.  She was considered unclean which meant she could not go to the temple to worship, could not participate in normal social activities; it meant she was excluded.  In today’s language she was “canceled.” 

The commentary described what this woman did as ‘scandalous faith’.  She did what was forbidden; she risked everything to touch the hem of Jesus garment.  She was willing to be further ostracized because the possibility of healing was greater that the potential risk.  She had nothing left to lose. 

Touching someone’s clothes would hardly be scandalous behavior today.  Given what is seen as acceptable in society today, I’m not sure what would be considered scandalous; except perhaps standing firm in my faith, speaking up about my faith and keeping on doing the best I can to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who will hear.  Maybe that is what it means today to have ‘scandalous faith’ – to speak up and step up even if society cancels me, even if friends no longer want to be connected to me, even if I’m considered crazy or dangerous by some.

Yes, I want to think I could have scandalous faith but I wonder if I would be more like the Pharisee who came to Jesus at night rather than during the day when everyone would see.

Matthew 9:22 (NIV) Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “Your faith has healed you.”

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