Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright

As a homeschooling mom for sixteen years, there were random times of insecurity and questioning about whether my kids were getting as good of an education as I thought they were. I was diligent, well prepared, and conscientious about their schooling. I did lesson plans and research and prep work. I planned field trips, experiments, and reinforcing projects. But… Was I educating them as thoroughly as I thought I was? Could they make the score they needed on the ACT to get into college? Would they be able to “make it” in college? Would they be equipped for life? Would I overlook something and “cripple” them in their education? “What about socialization?” everyone asked. As I stressed through years of schooling four kiddos my emotions were up and down. Fears abounded.

Now those little kids range in age from 25-35. My answer to my previous fears – Yes, they were getting a quality education. No, I didn’t ruin them. They have now all graduated, gone to college, and are thriving in their preferred fields. Two are pursuing post-graduate degrees, one of those being my little dyslexic (who did not learn to read until 3rd grade!). They live all over the US and the world. And they even have friends-lots of friends! It’s amazing that socialization hasn’t been an issue. (Wink!)

I look back now at all my fears, tears and sleepless nights and realize that those were a waste of time. How much more could I have done with my mind if I had not wasted precious hours letting those negative thoughts and doubts take-up residence in my mind.

Friends, we have a loving Father who tells us in His Word that “All things work together for good for those who love Him…” All things! Even an imperfect mom for a teacher. Even a frequently messy house. Even bad things like my sins and failings, were put to good use in teaching me and allowing me to see my great need for a Savior. He tells us He is with us always. That He will rescue us. That He will provide for us. That we don’t need to fear.

Did I listen to these words of truth and comfort as a busy young mom? No, not when I was in the heat of battle. If only I would have acted in belief. Because now, looking back I can see, God handled Every. Little. Thing. These days I’ve learned to cling to my history with my Faithful Father – to base my faith in how He has treated me in the past. I can say with Samuel, “Thus far the Lord has helped me.” I know and can rely on who He is and what He has done (and will do), and it makes potential worrisome thoughts today easier to bear up under.

My experience as a homeschooler may not be yours, but my God is yours, and He always acts according to His character and not according to my frail human expectations. So what is my point for you? Don’t wait until you’re near retirement age to give up the worrying and fear. Do it now. Choose today to begin acting in faith based on Jehovah’s character, not on your doubts or what is going on around you. As Anna Sewell stated in Black Beauty “Do your best, And leave the rest, ‘Twill all come right Some day or night.”

Remember that you have a faithful Father and that every little thing is gonna be alright! Really.

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