Never Too Old

You’re never too old for an ice cream cone, a Bugs Bunny cartoon, “Jesus Loves Me,” to have a dream of a place you want to go, or to learn something new. But it’s funny that there are some things that, according to society’s expectations at least, we are too old for: “You’re good old to wear that style.” “You’re too old to date him.” “You’re too old to be of any use to God.” None of these are true, but if we don’t stand firm in our convictions and even stand up against those negative whispers in our minds, we may buy into such thoughts and miss something important.

Reading through God’s Word this year it startled me to be reminded of how old Moses was when spoke to Pharaoh and ultimately led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. I ‘m sure I had heard this before, but it never registered with my brain. Moses was eighty years old when he encountered God through the burning bush on the back side of the desert. Eighty! (See Acts 7:23 & 30)

God called Moses to a difficult task. He could have said, “Lord, I’ve already retired. I’m tired. I just want to hang out with my family and not be bothered. That Pharaoh is going to be a headache to deal with.”

But he didn’t.

When God presented him with this daunting assignment, Moses countered that he didn’t feel qualified. He had trouble speaking.

Don’t we do that? “Lord, she is so much more capable of this than me. I’m too _________. I can’t ________. I’ve never _________.” (You fill in the blanks.)

God had a solution for Moses’ problem. He provided Moses’ brother, Aaron, to help him. He provided signs and wonders. God will provide help for us as well.

Are we willing to move beyond our self doubt, trust God’s provision, and say yes as Moses did? Some do. Sometimes. But often we use our excuses as a crutch because we are afraid or tired or insecure or we just selfishly don’t want to bother. “Let someone else do it, Lord. Someone younger.”

The challenge today is to say “Yes” to God. What is He calling on you to do? Teach that Sunday class? Volunteer in a ministry? Mentor a young woman? Go to a foreign country to share the Gospel? (Did you know that retirees being appointed as missionaries abroad is a big thing right now?)

Let us never use the excuse that we are “too old.” God has a good plan to use us for our entire life, no matter how old or young, educated or uneducated, fit or faltering, whole or handicapped, retired or not. He will provide others to walk alongside and help you. And He will do amazing wonders on your behalf as well.

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