When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

“Choose Joy!”

It’s a slogan that is popping everywhere from journals to key chains to wall decor. It’s a feel good slogan and a lifeline to many. But it doesn’t seem enough when life takes those detours.

What do you do when life takes a sudden turn and …

… you end up in a hospital bed with all sorts of scary tests being run.?

… you discover a hidden issue with your child that rips you to your core?

… you get that pink slip out of nowhere with a family to feed and bills to pay?

… that true love of yours is caught in a web of untruths that breaks your heart and your trust?

… ______(you fill in the blank) ______?

You “Choose Joy” right? Nope, it’s practically impossible in those shattering moments. Besides, joy doesn’t have answers for us. Joy is a fleeting emotion hard to hold onto. So what do you do?

You choose Jesus. He has the answers. He knows what lies ahead when you can’t fathom where to go and what to do next. He has the power to restore the devastation and broken things. He can redeem people, relationships, and things. He is the source of true life and true joy. He loves you!

Choose Jesus through the tears.

Choose Jesus through your fears.

Choose Jesus in your pain.

Choose Jesus in your darkest hour.

When we choose Jesus at those unexpected turns, joy comes with the package!


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