10 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

How many of us make and fail to keep some of the same resolutions over and over?

Did you raise your hand? Diets, health and fitness, self improvement plans, education or career intentions, or spiritual growth commitments usually top the chart. Sound familiar?

As we head toward New Year’s Day, why don’t we plan some resolutions we can actually keep this year?

Sounds good to me too!

So here’s a quick list of 10 ideas that may get you thinking. Chose one and keep this resolution in 2022.

  1. Smile once a day, even if it is when you look at a child or a sunset or smiling to yourself in the mirror.
  2. Learn one new thing each day.
  3. Pray a simple prayer each day. It can be I need You, Jesus. Teach me, Father. Help me, Lord. Or even Forgive me.
  4. Laugh once a day. Find a lighthearted, humorous website that makes you laugh and visit it once a day for a few minutes.
  5. Read a verse a day. A good way to do this is to to get a scripture verse calendar and read the verse as you plan the day’s agenda.
  6. Hug someone. It will encourage them and you.
  7. Write down one thing a day for which you are thankful (maybe put it on your Bible verse calendar!)
  8. Keep a video diary this year. The “1 Second Everyday” app is an easy way to document your life.
  9. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers for yourself once a week.
  10. Put $1.00 in a container each day. Use the money at the end of the year to do something nice for someone. (Don’t dip into it during the year!)

Use your scripture calendar as your check-off place to hold yourself accountable to your commitment.

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