A Broken Lamb, a Missing Baby, and a Crippled Camel

When kids are little, moms know to put the breakables out of reach. This necessitates some changes in decor around the house.

My Little Ones, loved my Precious Moments nativity set. Adored it actually. So when the shepherd’s little lamb got broken out from under his arm, mama made some changes. I made a quick trip to the local Christian bookstore and picked up a kid friendly plastic nativity set and put my precious fragile set out of reach of toddler hands.

Through the years that manger scene has been arranged and rearranged, fought over, and cuddled, and pieces have been lost and found again. Most notably, Baby Jesus, who disappeared after Christmas leaving His family to worry over Him in the cardboard box for a whole year. Baby Jesus mysteriously reappeared in the Lego bin just before Christmas the following year.

But the most notable manger issue was one poor deformed plastic camel. He wasn’t destroyed by my lively children. From the time he came out of the kid-friendly box, he was misshapen. Somehow in the factory His legs had become permanently bent and crossed, so that no matter how often you bend and heat and prop him, he never stands up for more than a short time. Yesterday, our now adult daughter had a friend come over. As we sat chatting Brodie began setting up the kiddie nativity set that I now leave out for the grandkids. She worked with that poor camel, but alas, this morning he had fallen over, and he took the two good camels down with him.

I tell you all this to remind you of some Christmas lessons.

Let the Littles play with the (preferably plastic) manger scene.

Don’t worry about a broken piece here or there on any of your decorations. It really won’t matter when they are grown.

Like my little porcelain lamb, you may feel broken. Remember that Jesus came to rescue, redeem and heal the broken.

Like my camel, you may feel crippled and useless. You aren’t. As long as God has you on this earth alive and breathing He has a purpose for you. Find that purpose: praying, encouraging, giving, writing, teaching, singing, baking, painting,… there’s something He has for you to do.

And last, but most importantly, about my missing Baby Jesus, don’t let Jesus go missing from your life for a whole year! Seek Him every day. Obey Him. Love Him. Talk with Him. Walk with Him. Enjoy His presence.

May the Spirit of the Christ child be with you this Holiday Season!

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