Cry Out…

“Be still…” These were the words I heard as everything became too much.

I woke that morning and all I could do was cry. The kind of tears that just come and can’t be stopped. I was basically helpless.

Had the new job become too much?

Or was it the vaccine side effects?

Or emotional side effects of wondering if I should or shouldn’t have taken it?

Was it seeing stories of the tragedies going on around the world?

Or hearing just that one more person has Covid? It’s close, you know. Will I get “it” again or will I not? Is this stuffy head “it” or is it the same summer cold I get every year?

Is this an attack from the enemy? I’m drawing near to my Lord and He’s changing me and moving in my life. The prayer time is great and the word is speaking so clearly. And now this…

Why can’t I get myself together and get ready for work? The tears won’t stop so I can put on my “face” for the day.

As I come to the end of this journal page I see this verse – only my Lord‘s timing! “Dena, for God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control – strong mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

And so I sat still and I listened. And He lovingly calmed my spirit. And I asked Him to take every thought captive. And He did. And I got myself together (or I suppose He got me together).

I sent off a prayer text to several that I knew would carry me to the Father that day. And they did. I just know it. I confessed my struggle to them. (James 5:16) 

It’s a supernatural thing, just confessing to others so you can be healed. Their prayers for me have a great power to prevail. And they did prevail and I am healed.

Don’t let the cares of this world overwhelm you, and if the burden is too much, practice James 5:16. 

The enemy wants to isolate and make you feel alone. And tell you that you aren’t strong. Don’t stay in that place of vulnerability that our emotions can take us to. Cry out to the Father and to those who are with you on the journey.“

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