Blessing for Mothers

The Lord bless you and all your little tribe.

Bless your babies and your grown ones, whether gone or by your side.

May your Mama’s heart take courage knowing Jesus is nearby,

And may your memories be filled with joys of days gone by.


May God bless your perfect angels and your little rascals too.

And when one goes astray, may He hold and comfort you.

May your rest in knowing He has a plan, and it’s a good one too.

So never give in to those fiery darts sent to frighten and worry you.


God bless you with holy insight not to judge yourself too hard,

And rightly see perceived failures, so your heart will not be scarred.

Humbly realize that your successes are not your doing either,

But God Himself, in giving grace, has given you a breather.


O little mother, young or old, trust God and God alone,

To get you through those challenging times, you can’t do it on your own.

Receive His blessings with open hands and know He’s watching over

All the good times and the bad, and let His peace and joy take over.

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