Covid 19

Life before Covid 19 is something I think we all took for granted.

Many of us griped about our jobs. We didn’t like some of the songs we sang in church. We didn’t like what that person wore or how someone looked at us. Our lives were so busy, we didn’t stop to even have dinner around the table with family. Ballparks, ballet/dance, gymnastics, softball, soccer, tennis, pageants, football, travel ball; we were convinced we could do it all and we did.

Now, we’ve been ordered to stay home for 14 days. That’s it, 14 days and it seems like a lifetime to us. I understand it could be longer, but we really don’t know what to do with ourselves. How do we handle all of this downtime?

gratitude-1251137_1280I honestly think that in the midst of all of this chaos and uncertainty, God is calling us to intimacy with him. Yes, we have religion. We go to church, we read our bibles, we sing the songs (even if we don’t like them), but do we do it to check things off a list or is it because Lord is the absolute love of our lives?

Revelation 2:4 says, “Yet I hold this against you. You have left your first love.”

I pray we all get alone with God each day and ask him to search our hearts. Ask him to forgive us for not making him our first priority and letting other things get in the way. I pray we find our first love again. That we live our lives with enthusiasm, passion and purpose just as we did when we first came to know Christ.

We are getting closer and closer to the time when Christ returns and I pray we all are found spotless before Him. If you are one of those who have that intimate relationship with Christ, I pray that through FaceTime, Facebook, text messages or what have you, that you find someone to mentor and help them along the journey. I pray that once this is over (and it will be over one day), that we all understand what an honor and a privilege it is to get to attend church, to have a job, to be able to take our children to their activities and to have sister in Christ that encourages us and builds us up. I pray our children will see the fire we have for the Lord and they will want to know him and live for him. I pray we all come out of this stronger than we went in. Until Christ returns, may we all press toward the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus. May we forget what is behind and Press on for that prize!! Philippians 3:12-14


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