Mouth Open and Panting

Are you a dog or cat person? I am a cat person, but for me dogs are just okay. I don’t mind being around dogs, but haven’t ever wanted to own one since I was a young child. This past year, a friend of mine got a new puppy. Can I just say that I would not want to go through what it takes to train a new puppy! This puppy decided I was his new best friend whenever I visited. He was so happy to see me that he couldn’t stop shaking and wiggling. His eyes would get big and his little tongue would hang out panting. You know the look! So, of course, I had to pet him and that would just make him even more excited. Then woops, he would have an accident.  Each time my friend would patiently clean up the mess. Over time my friend began to train him not to have the accidents.  I still have to say, he occasionally messes up, but he is learning.

Well, you might be asking yourself, what is the point to this story. I do have one!

brown-german-shepherd-2695827Just recently, I came across Psalm 119:131 CSB “I open my mouth and pant, because I long for your commands.” The Amplified Bible adds “with anticipation” and “eager desire.” The thought of my friend’s puppy came to mind. I could just see him with his mouth open and panting, so excited to see me. This made me ask myself, “Am I as excited to read and learn from God’S Word?” “Do I come with anticipation and eager desire to meet with God every day?” “Am I training myself to form a spiritual habit of having a quiet time even when life gets busy?” “Do I pick myself back up and start again when I fail asking for God’s forgiveness?”  “Am I as patient with others when they fail?”

As this new year begins, may we be like an excited puppy. Eagerly desiring so much for God’s word that we rush each day with anticipation to open our Bibles. As we read may our mouths be open and tongues panting to receive the sweet taste of God’s word as He speakS to us. And when we fail may we pick ourselves back up and ask His forgiveness, knowing that He loves us and is waiting for us to come and meet with him again.


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One thought on “Mouth Open and Panting

  1. Peggy says:

    Such a beautiful analogy! I pray that as I read my Bible daily this year, that I will remember this & look forward with anticipation just like a young puppy. Wonderful article!


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