Give Thanks in All Things

Father we come to you today with grateful hearts. No matter our situation, we choose to be thankful.

Thank you for the sun and the rain, the crispness of fall and the varied joys of temperature changes.

Thank you for the breath of life in our lungs this moment as we read this.

Thank you for the beauty around us: trees, aromatic flowers, exotic animals and cuddly pets, art and music and architecture you have allowed man to make, the face of a baby, clouds and soaring birds. Allow our hearts to find beauty in whatever situation we find ourselves.

Thank you for hardships that strengthen us.

Thank you for relationships where we can show love and tenderness and know we had a purpose in that moment to help and comfort.

Thank you for food and tastes and the bounty we celebrate this day.

Thank you for Your Word that speaks truth to every situation we face.

Thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die on a cross as a sacrifice for our sin so that we may have eternal life.



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