Dance Undignified

When I walked outside to haul the trash to the dumpster the air itself felt a little strange. Normally there was never a shortage of humidity but this particular day the air was hot and dry.


“Huh?” My Colaborer in the garbage taking out was next to me and asked me what I had evidently said out loud. I do that sometimes, I think something and say it out loud without even realizing it.

“Oh sorry, I was just thinking this must be what arid climates feel like. Hot, dry and with a little breeze.”

“Oh okay.” We carried on with our task, making our way to the dumpster and disposing of the day’s garbage. I didn’t give our conversation a second thought until I made it back outside sometime later when all was cleaned up and the day was drawing to a close. As we walked out of the door, the weather had changed and hot dry air and sunshine had given way to humidity and rain. It was sprinkling, not yet a downpour but the other Mamas and myself knew today’s good-bye would have to be short and sweet. As I thanked my friend for a gift she had given me and we hugged, I heard her shout, “Elijah David!” I turned just in time to see the 7 year old boy freeze at his mother’s use of his first and middle name. He had been running head long into a parking lot, albeit an black-and-white-black-and-white-dark-1530423.jpgempty one, still a parking lot. The rain too much a temptation for him to pass up. He began to twirl about, his arms wide, his Dinosaur lunch box flying through the air. He was laughing and saying, “I love the rain!”

He continued to spin, and literally broke out into song,

“Rain is the heart of my life!”

I laughed and his Mama headed in his direction. She gently redirected his wayward parking lot wander, and long after I had turned to walk in the other direction, I could still hear him singing

“Rain is the heart of my life!”

Looking back I could see him spinning around with that dinosaur lunch box.

I laughed, a big hearty belly laugh. Immediately I thought of another David; one who declared in his state of worship that he would be undignified for the Lord. Much like little Elijah David, who was so passionate about the rain, King David was so passionately enthralled with the Lord that he found himself caring less and less what others thought and only of his audience of One.


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