Bringing Peter

You gotta love Peter.

Well, if you struggle with putting your foot in your mouth, you gotta love Peter.

And, if you have an overly passionate personality, you gotta love – and identify with Peter.

…all my friends are either nodding their heads at me or rolling their eyes, AT me.

As an apostle of Jesus Christ, Peter is without a doubt a key figure in the Gospel narrative. He was chosen along with the other 11 men to follow Jesus throughout His earthly ministry. We know Peter was charged with leading the movement, to usher in the early stages of the Church. He was, he is a prominent figure in Church history and a vocal patriarch of our Christianity. He led the way.

Recognizing all of this now on this side of his story, there’s an important detail that, looking back now almost seems strange. Looking back, knowing Peter’s personality, it’s odd to think… Peter’s story did not begin with a dramatic sprint toward Jesus, shouting down the streets declarations of unabated loyalty and devout allegiance, while drawing a sword to defend His King and cut off any ears of those who dare defy… No.

Andrew brought Peter to Jesus.

Andrew, his brother, brought Peter to the Messiah.

Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one of the two who heard John and followed Him [Jesus].

He first found his own brother Simon and told him, “we have found the messiah” (which is translated the Christ), and he brought Simon to Jesus… John 1:40-42

As I write, this week the earthly body of Billy Graham has been laid to rest. There’s no denying the impact of this modern-day preacher, a godly man. As “America’s Pastor” (as some have called him) Billy Graham preached the Word of God and proclaimed the Good News to literally millions of people. But you have to consider, who brought Billy to Jesus? I wonder if Mordecai Ham considered the profound impact, the chain reaction he would ignite when he proclaimed the Gospel message into the ears of young Billy Graham, a teenager when he heard those sermons about the sin in a man’s heart.

2 Timothy 2_2.pngIt’s definitely something to consider. Who am I leading to Jesus? What is the possible impact for the Kingdom of God? I wonder what Andrew would say to us today…

So Peter, here we are, a couple thousand years later and the rest is history, a living-breathing-ever-powerful history. The power of God moving through a man, penning the Word of God that you and I hold and contemplate today.

It’s a weighty reality that God uses a human being to work His plan, to accomplish His purposes; and although He gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6-7), our Father places us in the work. Andrew and Peter demonstrate this so well.

In his first letter, Peter uses the word chosen at least five times. His recognition of the powerful choices of God, to use what God chooses to use, comes through in his message to the believers who are exiled and dispersed. He tells them they have been chosen by God to do what they’re doing, to endure this time of suffering, and then to step into the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls. (1 Peter 1:9)


That utterance brings great solace to my heart, as I hope it does to yours.

I’ve often pondered the grace that chose me…all the while knowing, I would not have chosen me. Ah, the grace of God that reaches down to choose whatever He wills. In His infinite mercy, I’m forever grateful for so many of His choices.

And to think, Andrew was part of God’s work! He brought Peter – THE Simon Peter – to the Messiah. God could’ve brought Peter to Jesus all by Himself; but Andrew was part of the plan! I want to be a willing part of The Plan. The impact is so far beyond imagination.


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