Celebrate Women!

Celebrate the Women i Your Life Today!-2Mother’s Day is a mixed bag, sheer joy for some, loneliness for others, downright depressing for many.

pexels-photo-265996The new mom is ecstatic.

The woman with empty arms is dreading going to church.

The mom of the senior in high school is beginning to mourn (or celebrate) depending on her personality.

pexels-photo-144433The lady with kids far away is wondering if she’ll hear from them.

The single woman with no children feels awkward when the moms are acknowledged in the church service. This day is all about women – but where does she fit in?

The frail frame of the one in the nursing home bed longs for a family touch and conversation.

pexels-photo.jpegThe single mom may be struggling to make ends meet and to be both dad and mom, while feeling abandoned and longing for more.

The wife with a house full of kids is thrilled to have a day that Dad and the kids will cook and clean where she can put her feet up.

The pregnant woman is waiting with anticipation for the day she will have that babe in her arms, or else she’s living in fear of another miscarriage.

people-mother-family-fatherThe single CEO is proud of what she’s accomplished, but reminded again of what she doesn’t have.

The empty-nester is looking back wistfully on those precious memories.

The first time grandma’s are some of the most thrilled of all.

On this gorgeous Lord’s Day, may we women encourage one another wherever we are and whoever the women are around us. Hug someone today! Love unconditionally! See every woman you meet as one in need of your blessing today!



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