Super Saturday Survey #1 – Believing God

To create more of a dialog, Priceless blog is introducing Super Saturday Surveys! The surveys will consist of 1-3 numbered questions. Hit reply and answer as many as you wish!

As you hear from other women online, be encouraged that you are not alone in your struggles to walk faithfully. We have high hopes of hearing from You!

So here is our first survey:

Believing God

  1. Of these foundational truths about believing God (from Beth Moore’s Believing God study), which one is the most challenging for you to accept and live your life based on it?
    1. God is who He says He is.
    2. God can do what He says He will do.
    3. I am who God says I am.
    4. I can do all things Through Christ.
  2. What are you struggling to believe God for?
  3. Share an event from your life that helped strengthen your faith in God.

Just hit reply, type a number and write your answer. Ready, set, go!

2 thoughts on “Super Saturday Survey #1 – Believing God

  1. Lauren says:

    1. I think the most difficult truth for me to embrace is #3: I am who God says I am. I want to believe that I am loved, forgiven, valuable, God’s daughter, an ambassador, etc. However, subconsciously, I accept Satan’s lies that I unloved, guilty, worthless, alone, and unable to make change.
    2. Personally, I am struggling to believe that God has a plan already set in motion. I keep wanting to stick my hands in the way and make things happen in case God has forgotten me.
    3. What built my faith in God the most was a short trip I took to Hong Kong. I was away from family, friends, and anything remotely familiar. God was the only constant in my life. Being forced to turn to Him for everything AND seeing Him come through in everything changed how I trusted Him. I am still a work in progress, but because of that experience, my faith is stronger.

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