by Tammy Erbrick

IMG_4215.JPGWhat does ‘believe’ mean to you? Is it a word you use in passing or is it a word that truly captures your heart? I once read this phrase:

Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully!

Our pastor encourages us every year to get a “word” from the Lord that we can cling to throughout the year. As I sought after mine, I heard the Spirit say – Believe. My initial reaction was believe-Lord?? Why of course I believe! I have always believed in you!  Yet, I felt him quicken my Spirit as to say – Yes I know you believe in your head-but do you believe with your whole heart??

You see when you believe something – You are sure of it – Completely Convinced!

Isaiah 43:10 says, “You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he.” I can only be ‘chosen’ if I choose him. Well ladies, after choosing – You have to believe! Sometimes being raised in the Bible Belt, better yet church, this word can get thrown around a lot, but when you take time to understand “I am he” and then you believe – that’s when purpose begins to take action! A declaration that “I am” is your peace, your comfort, your acquitter, your strong tower, your joy, your redeemer, your answer, your savior, your hope, your mercy, your provider, your protector, your everlasting father. Whatever it is that you need – you can believe that He is just that! For a moment. For a season. For a lifetime. He is all that you need!

A wonderful name He has already been to me and family this year is Provider! Due to many mistakes early in our marriage, we have lived in credit card debt for almost two decades. Over this past year, we have been very diligent about seeking His will to move past this stronghold in our life. After selling some things that were dear to us, we had thousands of dollars in the bank, and we were committed to paying this toward our credit cards. We would then work very hard over the next several months to be free from all credit cards.

money-card-business-credit-card-50987I told my husband that I knew God was going to show favor on us – I ‘believed’ it! I also requested prayer in our Life Group for wisdom and favor. Lastly, before making any phone calls that morning to the credit card companies, we had a family prayer. You see those companies didn’t know our hearts and lives but God did!  After paying off two of our cards, we were down to the last phone call and last card. My husband informed the lady that we wanted to make a large payment today in hopes of paying the card off very soon if not today. That’s where God stepped in! Without telling her an amount, she gave us a pay-off amount that was almost $10,000 less than we owed, and even $300 less that what we had planned to pay that day!

Due to belief, prayer, and God’s favor, we became credit card free that day!!!!! He is the same miracle worker today – He knows us – He sees our hearts – He has a purpose and wants us to believe that He can help us walk in that purpose even when we may not deserve it!

Who does He need to be for you in this moment? Do you believe that He is? Choose Him today! Pray. Seek His face. Listen to His voice. Believe. And Walk as you are chosen sweet friend.

8 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Linda Livery says:

    Great words! Years ago we also had Verdi debt finally paid it off & never charge more than we can pay in a month. Credit is too easy & can mount up quick. Proud of y’all cause it’s hard when you have children at home.


  2. sheilak3130 says:

    This will be so “freeing” for someone~ love your willingness to be transparent about your situation and most of all your challenge for us to BELIEVE!!
    sk 🙂


  3. Shannon abrams says:

    I can vouch that you not only speak the Word but live it daily. Thank you for not only sharing your struggles but also believing so that others may believe!


  4. Lauren Sanders says:

    Finally had the chance to sit down and read this one..Thank you for sharing!

    Funny how I’ve heard ppl mentioning their word for the year so much lately but it wasn’t until now that I realized I’ve forgotten what mine was…I’m ashamed to say that.
    I can throw some out there but I’m not even 100% sure if it’s correct…. and truthfully that saddens me. Mainly because that “word” means hope for us. That word means, Lord I need You and I’ll meditate on this word and Your Word and allow it to draw me closer to You especially when things seem to be going so wrong. To me it means a reminder of something you’ve been lacking or an area in your life you’ve been struggling with and perhaps using that word to grow in that area.

    So this was great !!
    And I’m praying that my word going forward, whatever the Lord gives me, is not forgotten in the midst of all my busyness. I pray that I trust it, believe in it, pair it with scripture and allow it to strengthen my faith and my relationship with God.

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  5. Judy beavers says:

    Tammy this was an awesome word and I too believe. Jesus is our intercessor and god knows the desires of our heart. He shows me this every step of the way when I have a burden of prayer. To believe is to trust and obey.


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