Come on in and sit for awhile

What do you need? Advice? Encouragement? A listening ear? Scriptural wisdom? A mentor? Someone to affirm your choices and commitment to Christ in this increasingly secular world? Come on in! Come sit with us.

Grab some coffee and read, pray, meditate, respond,… be inspired.

We are inspired, breathed into by the Holy Spirit of God. We in turn hope to inspire you. As we start this journey, we are excited for what lies ahead! God is doing something NEW! Welcome to this new adventure! This morning sitting here at my kitchen table I must say I feel like I’m about to give birth! For a good portion of this year my focus has been on this new “baby”, and now within a week this project will be born.

Months ago – maybe years – God began working separately, but simultaneously, in my heart and in our women’s ministry leader’s (Sheila’s) heart. I had retired from teaching and nursed my mom through a year of declining health. So when Mom went on to Heaven, I abruptly found myself feeling I had no purpose in life. Around that time Sheila began meeting with a group of other ministry leaders and hearing of the ways they were using social media and current technology to reach out and minister.

During my season of grief, meeting with the Father as a sobbing, sad mess, He began to stir in me a latent gift – writing & editing. First it was journaling my sadness as a therapy for my soul. As I healed, it branched out into card & letter writing, encouraging texts, inspirational Facebook & Instagram posts, and lesson writing for women’s ministry and Sunday Morning Life Groups. I could sense that My Father was beginning a new thing in my life! I love modern technology and began seeing new ways it could be used for encouraging, teaching, and discipling. I wondered if blogging might be part of my future. So when Sheila approached me with the idea of starting a blog for our church women’s ministry, I knew without a doubt this was the new thing God was doing in my life.

From that point came Priceless – the baby. So, “What is this new thing?” you ask. “Tell me about your baby.” Ok. I will.

What is Priceless? Well, it’s a conversation (we’re a blog, actually) begun by a group of Christian women, written for women on all sorts of issues – Christian issues, women’s issues, societal issues, human issues… – and participated in by You as you react and respond to articles. Leave us a Hello in the reply box below if you’d like!

          It’s also a mentor. Many of you, like me, have probably thought to yourself, “I wish I had someone a little more experienced to mentor me.” We at Priceless blog hope to be just that for you! As women of all ages from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds we’ve been through a lot. We’ve seen a lot. We’ve learned a lot. We’ve read a lot of Scripture and had years of teaching and wisdom poured into us from other Godly women. So in return we are sharing that with you. We aren’t experts. We aren’t perfect. We are fellow travelers in this life offering refreshing, living water to those around us.

Who? We are a team of 14 authors, leaders, editors, and tech folks. We love Jesus! We love women! We love seeing failures redeemed, lives set afire with the Holy Spirit, and women growing in the grace and knowledge of their Lord Jesus Christ and living up to the potential that the Father placed inside them.

Why? Because we love Jesus Christ and long to proclaim Him boldly! We deeply desire to see the things the enemy has corrupted be restored and redeemed. We want to make known Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection to pay the price for our sin. We want to proclaim the Good News! and offer to you what the Father has given us: freedom for captives, forgiveness of sins, adoption into the family of God, restoration for the years the locusts have eaten, and hope and help for any situation you face.

When? Starting Thursday, August 25, 2016, at 5:00 a.m. Priceless goes public! It is a regularly updated website with blog articles published twice a week – Monday/Thursday – right now. (As things develop we may go to more days per week.) We hope you choose to follow Priceless. Grab a cup of coffee, your journal, & God’s Word and make it a date with us!

Where? Through our Contact Us page. Find our church in the footer on the Welcome page.

How? This is the only answer to “How?” that you need.

For more info check out our About page.

2 thoughts on “Come on in and sit for awhile

  1. sisterbees says:

    Great Job Debbie! Great message! Can’t wait to read others when you go live next week. I pray that many women are encouraged and reached through the posts on Priceless. May the Lord protection be upon Priceless and its authors, leaders, editors and tech folks as you take this public stand for the Lord. May He use Priceless as a tool to mentor, encourage, mature, and any other way He wants to use it to help women grow closer to Him and deal with everyday life. Looking forward to seeing what He is going to accomplish.


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